Q: Can I order on-line and pick up at your store?

A: No. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer that feature. However, it is super easy to pick-up and pay at our location. If you call ahead, we will have your selections waiting for you.

Q: What are your pick hours at the Cafe?

A: Our hours of operation are:

Saturday 9 to 5

Sunday 11 to 4

Monday 7 to 7

Tuesday 7 to 7

Wednesday 7 to 7

Thursday 7 to 7

Friday 7 to 5

Q: What is the Dirty Dozen? What do you mean by the Clean 15?

A: We follow the research of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) concerning pesticide contamination in our food systems's fruit and vegetables. We use organic products if an ingredient is on their dirty dozen list. To learn more visit EWG's Dirty Dozen

Q: Why do you only ship on Mondays?

A: We craft an artisan product with a limited shelf-life. By fulfilling all of our orders one day a week we can ensure the freshest and highest product quality.

Q: What do I do if I have questions about my order?

A: We love questions and are happy to help. The best way to get detailed answers to you questions is to email us at info@cafewestexpress.com.

Q:Where do you source your food?

A: We make every effort to source our food from local farmers. Local is the freshest!

Q: How do you ship your products?

A: We use FedEx to ship our products in a temperature controlled box. Your food will arrive to your home nice and cold.

Q: What does artisan products mean?

A: Because we source from various farmers and make our products in made small batches, our fruits and vegetables will slightly change in taste and appearance throughout the different seasons.

Q: Where are your products made?

A: All our products are made locally in Atlanta in a fully USDA certified facility. Further, each product is sealed in a tamper evident container. All soups are additionally batch tested for listeria and salmonella. We take food safety very seriously!

Q: Are your enhanced waters pasteurized?

A: No! They are raw never heated to destroy the enzymes from the fruits and vegetables inside. Because we do not pasteurize our waters, they have a limited shelf life. Please abide by the "Drink by" date stamped on top of the cap. Please do not allow children, the elderly and persons with weakened immune systems to consume these waters.

Q: I’m not satisfied with my order.

A: We only want satisfied customers. Let us know what went wrong and we’ll fix it. We have a 100% satisfied customer guarantee which simply states if you are not completely satisfied with a product we will immediately refund the cost of that product (excluding shipping).