A unique combination of life porridge and deep healing soups that provide an intense level of superfood nutrition and fiber to aid in the cleansing process.

A short term purifying plan for quick results.

A unique combination deep healing soups that provide an intense level of superfood nutrition and fiber to aid in the cleansing process. A satisfying, delicious, and rejuvenating program to gain control and simply feel better.

The plan is loaded with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants providing a total of 1000 calories, 57 grams fiber and 48 grams bio-available plant protein per day!!

You can customize your Life Porridge by adding 4 ounces of your favorite milk (plant based is recommended) and by sprinkling in a fruit (perhaps blueberries).

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    1 life porridge and 4 soups.

    The FOUR soups are:

    Secret Slimming

    Green Miracle

    Black Bean

    Longevity Lentil

    Each day you should consume the Life Porridge and all 4 soups at intervals that are convenient for you but spread out between morning and evening. It is best to consume your last soup before 6:30 pm. If you do feel hungry you can have an additional Secret Slimming Soup. Drink at least 8 (8 ounces) glasses of water throughout the day to remain hydrated.

    Q: Can I drink coffee on the plans?

    A: It is always best to remove caffeine from your diet in order to free yourself of any addictions or poor habits. However ONE cup of black coffee, is OK.

    Q: When should I drink water?

    A: Drink water between during each soup and porridge. Try adding fresh squeezed lemon to your water when you can.

    Q: Can I drink alcohol while on the plan?

    A: For optimum results, NO.

    Q: Can I be on the plans while pregnant or breast feeding?

    A: First, consult with your physician. Our foods are pure but due to increased demands on your body, you may need to consume additional calories.

    Q: Will I lose weight?

    A: Our customers have reported weight loss as one of the best side effects of following our plans. Whether you lose weight or not, or how much weight you lose varies from person to person. We prefer that you instead focus on health, breaking bad habits and achieving your goals.

    Q: Is there a specific order in which I should consume the products on each plan?

    A: It is best to begin your day with water and the Life Porridge. This will allow your system to hydrate and absorb the highest amount of nutrients. Once you begin to feel hungry, have soup, which provides fiber and whole food nutrition.

    Q: Can I exercise while on the plan?

    A: Definitely. You will most likely have a ton of energy. Be sure to try our workout videos included with the plans.

    Q: Why infused waters; isn’t drinking plain water enough?

    A: The simple answer is yes, but we love the look and feel of being hydrated. We believe you will too. Infused waters add antioxidants, phytochemicals and enhanced flavor. These waters will encourage you to Drink Up. Hydrated skin adds to luminosity.

    Q: What makes your plans so effective?

    A: Others use juices to cleanse the body. We love our fiber rich soups and porridge to provide that low sugar, low sodium nutrient packed fuel to your body. Fiber is necessary to push toxins out of the body supporting the elimination process. The combination of our nutrient dense and fiber packed foods delivers powerful results.

    Q: What makes your soups so delicious?

    A: The secret to our soups is our stocks. We make our stock from scratch and low simmer it for up to 24 hours. It is rich in trace minerals and delivers a flavorful blast to our soups. Once the stock is ready and ingredients are added creating a meal for the body and soul. Our warming comfort food serves a great for the good health to everyone who consumes it.